Hey, I’m Tasha. I’m a 40-something year old Canadian, living in Tasmania Australia with my Spanish partner, Miguel, and our goofy dog Maggie.

Photo of Tasha with a TARDIS

I love getting mail! I joined PostCrossing in 2012 and fell in love with sending and receiving postcards. As I started collecting more and more from all over the world, I decided that they needed their own little home on the web, and Vandemonian Vagabond was born. I’m slowly migrating everything here instead. I also collect maxicards, minisheets, stamps and other philatelic items.

Why Vandemonian Vagabond? Tasmania was originally called Van Diemen’s Land. Someone from Van Diemen’s Land was a Vandemonian. I am a restless soul by nature; I love to wander, go on journeys and have great adventures. Sort of a bit of a vagabond… Postcards, letters and hosting people through couchsurfing have been an armchair travel substitute in some ways. It’s so cool connecting with random strangers from all over the globe!